B547: Assorted Wooden Baby Toys

Assorted Wooden Baby Toys photo
  • Category: B
  • No Pieces: 21
  • Manufacturer: Play Studio, EverEarth, Pintoy
  • Age: Under 2 Years
  • Replacement cost: $100.00
  • Storage: : Zip-it Bag


You will love our Woodie Worm character. Woodie Worm is a jointed worm made of wood and painted in lots of lovely bright and appealing colours with a happy face. Woodie Worm will provide hours of bending and twisting and makes a fun fidget toy for your fiddlers and fidgets

The EverEarth Rattle offers the perfect way to encourage baby’s first auditory and motor skills.

The toy takes the form of two sleek wooden rings held together by brightly coloured wooden rods. Between the rods, a colourful little flower moves around, making a rattling sound to the delight of the baby. While the rattle primarily encourages the child’s auditory perception, it also strengthens the motor skills. The different colours also promote colour perception.

These marvellous mini-coasters are a sensory delight. From their dazzling colours to their highly tactile design, kids can’t resist the imaginative possibilities of this handheld roller coaster. Guide the beads along the twisted rails for hours of educational entertainment.

Wooden Twist & Lock Robot. A simple and effective fiddle toy that can be used to improve fine motor skills. The brightly coloured wooden blocks are strung together with elastic, and cleverly cut allowing them to be locked and angled to make shapes and figures.


1 x Garden Bead Maze
1 x Ring Play set Base
1 x Ring Play set Head
6 x Rings
2 x Rattles
1 x Woody the Worm
1 x Push Dino
1 x Pull Along Dog
1 x Car
1 x Flower Rattle
2 x Construction Vehicles
1 x Bead Coaster Maze
1 x Twist and Lock Robot
1 x Roll Bead Maze