B548: Infant Wooden Toy Bundle

Infant Wooden Toy Bundle photo
  • Category: B
  • No Pieces: 19
  • Manufacturer: Pintoy, EverEarth, Hape, Gepetto, Manhatten
  • Age: Under 2 Years
  • Replacement cost: $100.00
  • Storage: : Zip-it Bag


The Wooden Activity Toy is a lovely toy for practising fine motor skills. This bead maze frame has three brightly coloured wires each threaded with brightly coloured beads, on a sturdy wooden base. Enhance hand-eye co-ordination, concentration and motor skills.

Kids just adore the Pintoy wooden Push-Along Seal; always chasing his fish as it spins around the ball on his nose when he is being pushed.

The peg and hammer bench comes in bright and exciting colours which are bound to appeal to any lucky recipient. The chunky pegs and hammer are easy to grasp and encourage hand/eye co-ordination, as well as developing manual dexterity. This is sure to provide hours of entertainment.

You will love our Woodie Worm character. Woodie Worm is a jointed worm made of wood and painted in lots of lovely bright and appealing colours with a happy face. Woodie Worm will provide hours of bending and twisting and makes a fun fidget toy for your fiddlers and fidgets


1 x Bead Maze
1 x Push-Along Seal
1 x Hammer Peg Bench
1 x Hammer
6 x Pegs
1 x Carousel Rattle
1 x Woody The Worm
1 x Flexi Lion
1 x Rattle
1 x Pull Along Dog
1 x Wobble-A-Round Beads
1 x Elephant Roll Bead Maze
1 x Wooden Fire Truck