B550: Big Music Fun Activity Set

Big Music Fun Activity Set photo
  • Category: B
  • No Pieces: 4
  • Manufacturer: Fisher-Price, Winfun, BrightStarts
  • Age: Under 3 Years
  • Replacement cost: $50.00
  • Storage: : Zip-it Bag


The big music fun activity cube offers babies creatively themed and fun filled activities to help begin storing memories through their sense of exploration. The music fun activity cube has multi-cube with 5 note light up keyboard and flashing drum pad. Has instrument buttons, fun sound buttons and light up demo song button. There are fun sounds, animal sounds and cheerful melodies. Hit the drum pad to hear drum sounds and change the colour. The reflective mirror will delight and interest baby. There is plenty of learning with the shape sorter captivity that includes triangle, heart, circle and square shapes.

The Bright Starts Having a Ball Giggables - Monkey will delight toddler. This cute, animal themed ball makes silly sounds as it wobbles and rolls across the floor! 

Go Baby Go. Press and Crawl Turtle helps encourage and reward baby’s physical development. Press down on the baby turtle, the mommy turtle will begin to roll. Fun sounds reward baby’s actions, from sitting to crawling. Helps baby start to understand cause and effect of actions. Fun for all kids.


1 x Activity Cube
1 x Having a Ball Giggable
1 x Press and Crawl Turtle
1 x Baby Smartonics