B551: Aviation Themed Bundle

Aviation Themed Bundle photo
  • Category: B
  • No Pieces: 6
  • Manufacturer: Tomy, Disney
  • Age: Under 3 Years
  • Replacement cost: $50.00
  • Storage: : Zip-it Bag


These adorable little talking toys are designed to provide a well-rounded learning experience for babies and toddler.

Kids will love playing with their favourite Mexican racing champ in jumbo size! El Chu features a spinning propeller and rolling wheels, kids can recreate airborne adventures or push around play on the ground. Bigger scale means bigger action, too, and no challenge is too great for this daring flier.

Encourage your child to learn to count with this clever aeroplane toy. Each time Luke is made to fly a loop, he counts all the way up to 10. When he`s not looping, he enjoys flying along to his music.

This bump and Go Music penguin toy for boys, girls or toddlers can move around whilst playing music or telling stories. If it bumps into an object it will automatically change direction.


1 x El Chupacabra
1 x Counting with Luke the Loop
1 x Musical Shape Sorter Plane
2 x Shapes
1 x Musical Dancing Penguin