B553: Art Cards For Baby

Art Cards For Baby photo
  • Category: B
  • No Pieces: 7
  • Manufacturer: Actseed
  • Age: Newborn
  • Replacement cost: $20.00
  • Storage: : Zip-it Bag


Baby Art Cards are designed for babies age 1-5 months old. The designs have incorporated repeating patterns that provide visual stimulation for your little ones.
Monochrome Colors:
As babies only fully develop a clear vision of colours in their 5th month, we’ve made these cards easy on the eyes with our monochrome colour scheme.
6 cards, 12 designs:
Want to change your card layout? Just flip the card over to reveal a different design. With 12 designs in one set, you’ll have a wide variety of designs to mix and match around.


6 x Cards
1 x Box