C586: Railway Bucket Builder Set

Railway Bucket Builder Set photo
  • Category: C
  • No Pieces: 46
  • Manufacturer: Hape
  • Age: 3 Year +
  • Replacement cost: $140.00
  • Storage: : Zip-it Bag


This great train set lets you build your own town! Unpack everything from the storage box then use the lid to create a cool little town for your passengers and cargo to move through! 

Young children use construction activities to develop their gross and fine motor skills. Constructing allows children to create, experiment and learn about basic stacking, building and the combination of objects to form an end product. 


1 x free-wheeling locomotive
2 x carriages
2 x stacking containers
1 x truck
2 x brown S-rails
7 x small curved rails
1 x long curved rail
3 x small straight rails
1 x long straight rail
2 x irregular rails
1 x red mountain-shaped rail
5 x plastic supports
1 x grey ascent rail
2 x pine trees
1 x leafy tree
2 x shrubs
1 x simple crane
1 x red bridge
1 x train sign
1 x traffic sign
1 x repair station
1 x storage box base
1 x storage box lid
2 x wooden decoration blocks