G613: Hopscotch Play Pack

Hopscotch Play Pack photo
  • Category: G
  • No Pieces: 3
  • Manufacturer: Playzone
  • Age: 2 Year +
  • Replacement cost: $40.00
  • Storage: : Zip-it Bag


A classic game takes a leap forward with this colorful, high quality hopscotch game set!
Discover Countless Ways To Play
-Have kids say each number on the rug out loud as they hop, then repeat with each color!
-Toss a beanbag onto the rug and have kids land their beanbags in the same square. Take turns going first; the higher the number, the harder the toss!
-Have kids answer a simple math problem by tossing a beanbag in the correct square! For example: "What number do you get if you take 1 away from 4?"
-Challenge kids to toss both beanbags at the same time and land them in the same square.
-Play a guessing game; give kids clues and see how quickly they can determine the answer. For example: "I am thinking of a number more than 6. There is a bird next to it. It`s in the green square . . ." As play progresses, offer the child harder hints!


1 x Mat
2 x Beanbags