RO608: Fisher Price Ride on Lion

Fisher Price Ride on Lion photo
  • Category: RO
  • No Pieces: 1
  • Age: 6 Months +
  • Donated by: Alex Mabin
  • Storage: : No Storage


Watch out, there`s a roaring little walker and rider coming through!


It helps with balance, leg strength and encourages your child to take steps. The walker mode has a large wheel base and handle to aid them and rewards with lights, sounds, and cheery music. To switch gears to riding mode, simply fold the tail down and it converts in a jiffy. When in ride mode, there is a large seat to sit on and handles by the lion`s mane. This Lion gets your child walking and riding with pride and helps them claim the throne to be the ruler of your living room jungle.


1 x Lion Ride On